Wise Teachers, Spirit Guides or Loved Ones, what’s the difference?


When you begin a session with me, Ruth Shilling, I will ask you if you want to focus on guidance from the wise teachers or connecting with your spirit guides. There are many different ways to define these terms, so what is described below is not meant to be definitive, but rather a way to establish a common vocabulary between us.

One hour Sessions

60-minute sessions can include a combination of the topics* below:

  • Life Path
  • Wise Teachers channeling (see LovingWiseOnes.wordpress.com)
  • Spiritual Growth & Direction
  • Manifestation, attaining your goals
  • Gaining Clarity about Life Situations
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides

*Please note that Ruth Shilling does not give medical advice or future predictions.


Wise Teachers

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What I call the wise teachers are compound beings that do not have the same individuality as the spirit guides. Think of them more as a committee or panel that all work together synergistically with different aspects taking the lead at different times. An example of this is the group that are called “Abraham” through Esther Hicks. See transcripts of the group channelings by Ruth at LovingWiseOnes.wordpress.com.

In sessions assisted by the wise teachers, I will listen and repeat what they communicate to me, which is a form of channeling. I will be listening in to what they are saying but will have no idea what the next word or phrase is until I hear it and repeat it to you.

The teachers will begin by addressing what it is they want to communicate to you. It is usually about your personal growth, spiritual development or what it is you are presently facing in your life. After they finish their initial talk, you will be given the chance to ask them questions. You may notice that different ones from the group will come forward, depending on the nature of your questions.

Wise Teachers sessions are 30 minutes or can be included in a 60-minute session (see below).


Spirit Guides

If you choose to focus on your spirit guides, the session will be more interactive. After I begin to perceive a guide or spirit helper around you, I will be coaching you in becoming aware of them yourself and hopefully also being able to receive impressions from them. These guides/helpers have personalities and may give you a name or suggest you name them.

Sometimes these guides can shapeshift, so they can appear to you in any number of guises. The forms they take are designed to be comfortable for you and your own belief system. They could be people from times past or other cultures, angels, spirit animals, beings of light, past lives, comical characters… there are an infinite number of possibilities, but each guide will have a particular “energetic signature” that will be recognizable to you each time you are in contact with them.

Spirit Guides sessions are 60 minutes and can also be combined (see above).


Loved Ones

Loved ones are your relatives and friends who have passed on. Usually they are people that you knew, but not always. In the beginning, the person in spirit gives impressions that will help us to identify them. These could include (but are not limited to) a physical description of how they looked, their relationship to you, basic personality traits, shared memories or activities, what their house looked like, employment, distinguishing characteristics, physical ailments, cause of death, names of people or places, prized possessions or gifts….

There are lots of people in the spirit world who would like to be remembered, so whoever comes forward has their reasons for making themselves known on a particular day. All of them arrive on the vibration of love, so sending their love and affection is the primary reason for their “visit,” but they may also have more specific messages to communicate as well.

At this time, I am primarily focused on the loving guidance of the wise teachers and guides. If you are particularly wanting to connect with a deceased loved one, I would be happy to give you referrals for that. Here is one.

Carol Gasber: carolgasber.com .

A book by Ruth Shilling about Carol: Carol Gasber: About Life, Love, Mediumship, and the Spirit World. Through a Medium’s Eyes, volume 2.












*Please note that Ruth Shilling does not give medical advice or future predictions.






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