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Ruth Shilling - profile picRuth Shilling, M.M., uses her skills and gifts to serve those who would like to have a valid and enriching contact with the spirit world. This can include: a message channeled specifically for you from the wise teachers, helping you to better interact with your spirit guides, or bringing you messages from your loved ones in spirit.

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Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, or Wise Teachers, what’s the difference?


Ruth has had a number of different careers and interests. Beginning as a professional musician she studied and played in orchestras in Europe for 5 years before returning to the US to complete a master’s degree in viola  performance, after which she served as the principal viola for New London, Connecticut’s ECSO for 17 years.

Ruth's students recital at UConn, May 2015

Her music teaching at the Univ of Conn CSA still continues with her teaching violin, viola & chamber music  one day a week.

Ruth’s interest in healing began in 1988 with Therapeutic Touch, studying with Janet McCrae and Dora Kunz. She soon also began doing sound healing and joined The Lights, a group of sound healer/musicians with Sarah Benson. Later she and Connie Stardancer Hanham created the Spiral Soundance healing concerts, given with other healers who were both musicians and dancers.

Ruth’s healing work expanded into spiritual growth as she gave workshops throughout the US and Canada that combined hands-on healing, sound and spiritual attunement. Many of these were under the auspices of various Friends (Quaker) groups and retreat centers.

All One World Egypt Tours group, March 2013

In 1996 Ruth visited Egypt and since then has traveled there 50+ times bringing groups with her All One World Egypt Tours company. Additional info at www.1worldtours.com and Our Travelers Say…

Throughout Ruth’s spiritual growth & healing work, the loving presences in the spirit world have guided her and participated with her in the flowing of the healing love of the Divine. It was not until her mother passed on, however, that an attunement with our deceased loved ones was added to this.

After that doorway opened, Ruth attended many classes and trainings in Evidential Mediumship (giving specific evidence that validates the presence and connection with the person in spirit). Courses completed included those at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK, as well as at the Journey Within in  New Jersey and the Lily Dale Assembly in New York. Her primary teachers in mediumship have been Simon James & Brian Robertson, Anne Gehman, Tony Stockwell, Sharon Anne Klingler and Lisa Williams.

Sunflower profile-c

She later shifted her mediumship to an emphasis on “trance speaking” or “channeling” where she can utilize her clairaudient abilities and share her deep love of the wise spirit-world teachers she has been working with for decades. Her tutors for AFC courses in Trance Speaking were Stephen Upton, Matthew Smith, Simon Key and Colin Bates. See transcripts of Ruth channeling at LovingWiseOnes.com.

Promoting the empowerment of others continues to be a focus as she assists those who come to her events and classes or have private readings. At local fairs and expos she does aura readings (no camera involved), as a way to recognize, acknowledge, and applaud each person’s unique strengths, abilities, and talents. Her monthly Loving Wisdom Evenings have also been enthusiastically received. See the other workshops on the EVENTS page.


Upcoming Workshops, Classes & Events given by Ruth Shilling. 

Videos with Ruth Shilling

TV Wellness Interview    Sun Temple Hieros

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Cards


Designed by Ruth Shilling.

Books by Ruth Shilling

1MedEyes-logo2Ruth’s newest books are a series called “Through a Medium’s Eyes.”
Do our pets still come around us after they die? Do our deceased loved ones know what we are doing and what we are thinking? What happens when a person takes their own life? Do psychic mediums–who communicate with people in the spirit world, spirit guides, and master teachers–believe in God? In the “Through a Medium’s Eyes” series, Ruth Shilling interviews those with the gift of clairvoyance, or “second sight,” to find out how they see this world and the next. Each book brings to you the perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge (and lots of stories!) of one of these extraordinary people.

Rev. B. Anne Gehman: About Life, Love, Mediumship & the Spirit World. Through a Medium’s Eyes, Volume 1. Available on Amazon.com.  Price: $6.95. eBook: $1.99.

Carol Gasber: About Life, Love, Mediumship & the Spirit World. Through a Medium’s Eyes, Volume 2. Available on Amazon.com.  Price: $7.95.

Neal Rzepkowski, M.D.: About Life, Love, Mediumship & the Spirit World. Through a Medium’s Eyes, Volume 3. Available on Amazon.com.  Price: $9.95.


The “Color It True” Manifestation Coloring Books
Now you can get extra benefits from the time you enjoy coloring! The mandalas in this book have an open center just waiting for you to put in your words, symbols or pictures. When you are choosing the colors and filling in the spaces, it is easy to feel relaxed, gently focused and free. This is actually an ideal state to manifest lots of good things in your life!

To enter the Kingdom (the place of ultimate abundance) become like a child (live in unfettered possibility).

SUCCESS with the Violin and Life -- book coverSUCCESS with the Violin and Life
This book is full of short stories from Ruth’s life that illustrate key concepts and success principles, as well as step-by-step strategies for rapid improvements. There are two sections in each chapter. One about applications for playing the violin, the other about applications to our lives in general.
See more at violinsuccess.com.
SUCCESS with the Violin and Life on Amazon.com. Price: $12.95

SINAI book, photos and text by Ruth Shilling

SINAI: The Desert & Bedouins
A photo book (with some commentary) that resulted from Ruth’s many retreats in the Sinai desert. Over 100 photos of the people and landscapes.
SINAI: The Desert & Bedouins of South Sinai’s Central Regions on Amazon.com. Price: $9.95.

Ruth can be heard on the following recordings:
Desert Rain with Justina & Joyce
Keeper of the Holy Grail with Richard Shulman
Awake, Arise, Ascend with Connie Stardancer & Richard Shulman
As well as recordings with the ECSO, RIAS and the Windsbacher Knabenchor.


Blogs-bannerThe Flow of Well Being blog : Insights and perspectives.
Explained for You blog : Channeled Communications to help Ruth’s development from those who are Loving, Wise & Helpful
LovingWiseOnes blog: Channeled Communications from group sessions by the Loving Wise Ones.

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